An encomium

photo2013 expired; 12 months that seemed to pass more quickly than the 12 before. Last January I wrote that I’ve never been one for resolutions that are prompted by the calendar. Nonetheless the holidays have a finishing effect to them, leading always to the opportunity for reflection and projection. At least for right now, I don’t have anything I want to vow to change for 2014, but 2013 brought to me a renewed appreciation for many things, and heading into this year, I have greater gratitude for:

Teachers: (in the non-traditional sense) who come in all shapes and sizes, ages, religions and genders, they are the ones who unexpectedly enlighten, expose, redirect, challenge, push, pull, fill you up and suck you dry-all while never stepping foot into a classroom- we are only stupid when we think we have nothing left to learn.

Churches: that challenge the status quo, question, support, feed, clothe, educate, rehabilitate, quiet, and cradle ALL GOD’S PEOPLE.

Therapists and psychologist: who daily reach out into the world of the sick, lost, bruised, splintered and broken to mend, direct, empathize and sympathize with those on the periphery of our world-trust me, our cities and neighborhoods would be VERY DIFFERENT places without them.

Horses and dogs: that drool on, step on, crawl over, kick at, wake up, fill up, carry on their backs, lay on, anticipate and daily connect us to the basics of joy in our pure physical world.

Anniversaries: that document and celebrate years passed, and qualify and solidify human relation in a way that only numbers can.

Dead Writers: who wrote, composed, orchestrated and communicated timeless humanity wrapped in eloquent rhetoric.

Alive writers: who blog, publish and post current events, that eminently matter to our world, our country, our churches and to me.

Women: who raise, preach, teach, write, cover, counsel, challenge, cook, love on, hold together, show up, calm down, fill the gap, mend, heal, protect, advocate, educate, sacrifice, generate life, diminish strife, correct and refuse to neglect. Oh what exquisite strength lies within the feminine gender.

2014 is largely undefined as of now. Yet I eagerly anticipate what new appreciations I will have the benefit of gaining throughout these next 365 days.


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  1. I love this list. I notice (for me) alot of the words are descriptive of more than one of the headings, or interchangeable… because the qualities overlap. Wonderful list.

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