Where do we go from here?

road signHow many of us can admit that we have made plans only to end up in a reality very far away from where we planned to be? A show of hands would quickly include most (if not all) of us and I’d like to be the first to raise both my hands; to jump up and down waving my arms violently in response to this survey.

What happened? Where was the wrong step? When did I make the wrong choice? How long have I been staring at this road sign trying to decide if I should go to the left or to the right?

But that’s just it isn’t it? Left or right? It’s no wonder we feel paralyzed by decision making when we consider how limited we view our options. Left or right; 50/50, one hand or the other, right or wrong. There is a lot of weight in that moment. Weight that has the possibility to cripple, paralyze or confuse anyone and weight that seems to lead to intense over-analysis or disheartening indifference.

But in holding fast to the belief that truth sets one free, perhaps the truth is that there are more than just two options.

More than just two options…

(Cue deep breath)

Even if I can only see this way or that, I can pray earnestly for the ability to see the “third way” or the “fourth way” or perhaps the “121st way”. Maybe it’s less about getting life right or wrong and more about finding ways to be congruent in any moment; left, right, backwards or sideways.

I think perspective is important. But in our ever forward-moving society we should perhaps long less for a compass and more for a mantra. Something we can strive to be at all moments of our life regardless of our physical, emotional, financial or relational location.


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