National Poetry Month

April, among being the month chosen for several other causes, also happens to be National Poetry Month. And thanks to the inspiration from a friend who has been writing much this past month, here are a few words of my own.

Thirteen Words

8 hours ahead
I hardly noticed it most of the time
But that night
Dammit, that night I felt every second of those 8 hours


I could never have imagined
That call would be
For all intensive purposes, the conclusion of us
3 years old
When “My plane lands on Tuesday” was met with
(Exhale) “Great, but I won’t be here when you get back”


An expiration date
Like a sucker punch


I forget plenty
Yet I remember EXACTLY what I said next
13 words
16 syllables
54 letters


One sentence that has been a broken record in my psyche for 11 years

Big things are fragile
It’s the narrow moments that set the arc
That leave us troubleshooting in the dust of a wrong decision


I thought I needed to know what about us was worth saving
The part that was rare …irreplaceable
That wouldn’t (because it couldn’t) be repeated


A quick calculation in my head
My age +Your age = ?

A. Soul Mates
B. Too young to tell


I wish in that moment
I would have remembered
I have always been bad at math


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