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psyche 2

I guess the best way for any of this to have relevance is to know a bit about the lense, that is my consciousness, through which all this is being presented. I am a psychotherapist and recently over a loud dinner conversation with friends, someone asked me how I came to be a psychotherapist. The first thought that ran through my head was “how much time do you have?”. But feeling uneasy in the crowded social situation, I offered up a pat answer; something to the effect of how I was attracted to the equal part combination of philosophy and science that is psychology.

That’s true, but certainly not the whole of it. Honestly, I became a psychotherapist because I love to think just as much as I love to feel.  I’m attracted to ambiguity and fascinated by the elusive human psyche. That, and I have, for as long as I can remember, felt an almost overbearing sense of altruism on my life. I’ve felt the cold grip of mental illness on my own life and I’ve wanted for so long to not merely observe the world and it’s problems, but to perchance have the opportunity to plunge my hands into the messy center of it all…and maybe, just maybe reach out to someone who is where I once was.

While who I am chose my profession more than my profession shapes who I am, my analytical and theoretical training has certainly impacted the way I perceive, interpret and undoubtedly write. Just thought you should know…


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