Walking a tight rope between love and fear

Don’t look down

Eyes kept shut

This I have to do on my own


I have been trying to write this for a long time, because I have been here for an even longer time

Precariously balancing on a thin wire that spans the schism between love and fear

This is where I live my life, walking…slowly…with shoulders mantled heavily with insecurities that constantly throw punches at my equilibrium (more…)


Battle weary

tiredOne month ago, upon the expiration of my 12 week sabbatical, I returned to my job in the mental health field. It’s been hard. Not really due to the hours or the schedule; that was the easy part of the transition. No, my struggle is placed elsewhere. Four weeks back in the battle and I’m noticing the trauma has been harder for me to cope with than at any other time I can recall in my 4-year tenure. (more…)

Parting with 2014

IMG_0697This year, wow… this year. Christmas decoration taken down, new calendars up, it’s over.

I wanted to find a way to say goodbye to 2014; a year that for me felt like one long sucker punch after another. I started off by writing an “encomium list”, much like the one I wrote last year. But that approach, that worked so well for saying goodbye to 2013 didn’t seem quite right this time around. (more…)

An encomium

photo2013 expired; 12 months that seemed to pass more quickly than the 12 before. Last January I wrote that I’ve never been one for resolutions that are prompted by the calendar. Nonetheless the holidays have a finishing effect to them, leading always to the opportunity for reflection and projection. At least for right now, I don’t have anything I want to vow to change for 2014, but 2013 brought to me a renewed appreciation for many things, and heading into this year, I have greater gratitude for:




There are many things in this life that do not make sense. For the most part, I’ve stopped asking the “why do things like this happen?” question or the “who could ever do something like that?” question because the truth is I could weave my way through a philosophical and theological answer that suffices for most days.

But then there are the days like today…when I’m left staring into the eyes of a broken child; and no polished answer will do for the “why do bad things happen to good people” question. (more…)