Parting with 2014

IMG_0697This year, wow… this year. Christmas decoration taken down, new calendars up, it’s over.

I wanted to find a way to say goodbye to 2014; a year that for me felt like one long sucker punch after another. I started off by writing an “encomium list”, much like the one I wrote last year. But that approach, that worked so well for saying goodbye to 2013 didn’t seem quite right this time around. (more…)


A Large Debt to Pay

Thank you

Friday had finally showed up! It had been an eventful week at work as my agency toiled to keep up with the influx of referrals that have been received over the past month. There are so many children and families who need help.

Needless to say the just-around-the-corner weekend was a welcomed sight. But Friday had to be survived first, and I knew it would take some extra effort to push through the 10 hours ahead. Armed with Starbucks and an extra on-call phone, I jumped into my tightly scheduled day; having no idea that today I would meet Rosa. (more…)